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Other Scholarships


Other Scholarships


International Training Projects: KNOWLEDGE OF CULTURAL HERITAGE

The Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (MIBACT) supports international cultural exchange through the offer of advanced education courses in those cultural sectors where Italy achieves world recognition for excellence and expertise. The programmes are financed using funds from the ARCUS cultural development agency, and are organised in the area of cultural properties, with the courses being provided by MIBACT’s highest education, research and cataloguing institutions.

The Central Institute for Catalogue and Documentation in Italy (ICCD – Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo e la Documentazione) participates in the International Training Projects by proposing four courses, two in the cataloguing and cultural heritage sector:
- Methodologies in cataloguing of cultural properties
- Computerised cataloguing, museum collections and multimedia documentation
and two in the field of photography:
- Photography: historic photographic technologies
- Photography: archival management and preventive conservation
On the website of the Directorate General for Education and Research, by clicking on the "heritage area" and then on the "knowledge of cultural heritage", further necessary specifications on the above courses can be found, anyway they are summarized as follows.

Each course lasts one week for a number of about 8 learners (although they can be from 4 to 15) who must already have the basic knowledge and/or experience in the specific field. So the courses are aimed at architects, archaeologists, art historians, museums conservators, photographic architects, photography scholars who are already active in museums, conservation or research facilities.

Each student will receive a scholarship of €600 (= approx. R 9.900) per week. Courses can be held at any time of the year always in the offices of the Centre in Rome, Via di San Michele 18, and they will be activated when there is a request by interested learners sent to:

Istituto Italiano di Cultura - Pretoria
803 George Avenue - Arcadia, 0083
Tel. +27 12 342 0010

The scholarships will be given possibly before the beginning of the course, as soon as ICCD receives official confirmation of the participation by the Institution, with the visa issued by the local Italian diplomatic representation.
Courses are held with the aid of a native interpreter, while teaching materials are in English (those relating to cataloguing courses are already available on the site).
It is possible that the two courses on cataloguing and the two courses on photography will be organized one after the other, enabling participation in both courses with a two-week stay in Italy and a total scholarship of €1200 (= approx. R 19.800).




The “Invest your Talent in Italy” programme, promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the Italian Ministry for Economic Development, offers South African Students the opportunity to develop their skills and specialise through a range of Masters and postgraduate degree courses in Engineering and ICT, Economics, Management and Social sciences, Architecture and design at prestigious Italian universities. Italy’s leading universities offer a package of English language postgraduate programmes that are highly specialised, and tailored to meet the demands of industry. These courses have been designed in close cooperation between Italy’s universities and the business and professional communities to meet the demands of modern, competitive corporations. Each course also includes a compulsory (3-4 month) internship with on-the-job training in a company of the University's choice - offering you valuable practical opportunities to put theory into practice and take the plunge into a professional environment.